Improvement opportunities


We love getting feedback from our patients, good and bad!  We are always looking for ways to improve and we appreciate our patients taking the time to let us know.


“Fast, professional & loved the music” ~BC

“I was so nervous but they were so nice and took great care of me.  The pain was minimal after the anesthesia wore off and has remained so for the most part. ” ~CK

“I have had no pain…started to wonder if any work had even been done.  Nice job!  A little explanation of the steps in the process  beforehand would be helpful.” ~SK

“As far as root canals go it was a wonderful experience.  I would say after my nitrous oxide though I was still woozy and was told to check out and leave.  I was not ready and probably should not have been driving.  I am saying this to say you may want to keep your patients a little longer on the oxygen before they leave. Other than that I wish you could do all my dental work including my cleanings!” ~AK

“Given this is only one day after the completion of the root canal procedures, it’s too early to evaluate its long term success.  Nonetheless, I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Behrents and her staff of skillful, caring professionals I’m very favorably impressed.” ~DL

“Everyone that works there was very sweet, outgoing, caring, kind & patient!  They all have a sense of humor, which I love.  I am very nervous when sitting in that chair.  The 2 things I didnt like were:  how bad the anesthesia injection hurt, and now loud & nerve-wracking the drill is!  Maybe disposable ear plugs?”  ~NB

“I was terrified but the doctor and staff were very professional and efficient.  I feel like things went as well as they could have considering the procedure.  Thank you.” ~MF