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Generally, a root canal is all that is needed to save a tooth with injured pulp. Sometimes, the patient's pain persists. That's where we come in! We use an endodontic surgical procedure called an Apicoectomy to find fractures or hidden canals that continue to cause pain and repair them, relieving your pain and getting you to smile again. 

Also called a root-end resection, we remove damaged root surfaces and surrounding bone that may not show up as damaged on x-rays. We repair the end of the tooth root and remove the damaged bone, allowing healthy bone to grow in its place. After a few days to heal, your mouth should feel much better! This is a common procedure we perform, so you can rest assured you will be in excellent hands!

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What are the benefits of an Apicoectomy?

An apicoectomy can relieve pain that persists after a root canal. We know a painful mouth can make life difficult. This procedure can repair your mouth and help you return to your daily routine pain-free!

Simple Procedure

A tiny incision gives us all the access we need to repair your tooth root and bone and relieve your pain. 

Relieves Pain

Damaged bone and tissue can cause significant pain. The apicoectomy removes all that, relieving your pain.

Saves The Tooth

Even with a root canal, damaged tissue can cause tooth loss. Removing the damaged tissue can save your tooth! 

Improves Oral Health

It's hard to chew with tooth pain. An apicoectomy lets you eat properly again, improving oral and overall health.

Common Questions About Apicoectomy Treatment

An apicoectomy is the removal of the end of the tooth root and damaged tissue around it to relieve pain. The root's end is filled and healthy bone is allowed to fill in around it. A small suture closes the tiny incision in the gum allowing access for this procedure.

A root canal removes the pulp and living tissue inside the tooth with the idea of saving the tooth. An apicoectomy removes the tooth root tip and damaged tissue and bone around the outside of the root tip.

If you've had a root canal to relieve pain, and the pain persists weeks after the procedure, you may need an apicoectomy because there may be damage the x-rays can't see. Your dentist may also recommend you see us for a possible apicoectomy if they do spot damage on your x-rays.

You may have some swelling and discomfort while the incision heals, but rest assured, we'll take care of you. We may send you home with a prescription for the appropriate pain medication, or we may recommend a regiment of over-the-counter pain medication. Your mouth should start to feel better after a few days of healing.

Clean your teeth and gums thoroughly before your procedure. If you are going to be sedated, we recommend you not eat or drink anything at least 6 hours before the procedure. We will give you instructions specific to your procedure. 

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We are really, really good at getting you out of discomfort and back to feeling like yourself. We know how big of deal this is to our patients. We’ve spent an enormous amount of time and energy becoming exceptional at the technical side of our work. Because of all of this, we can be trusted  to see you as a person and to bring the knowledge, skill, techniques and experience required to make things better.

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