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Reduce Your Anxiety About Endodontic Care

We get it. Endodontic procedures can seem scary, but we work hard to fix that! We want to assure you that your treatment will be comfortable and pain-free, and we can do that by offering several levels of sedation, including conscious IV sedation. This form of sedation relaxes you and brings you to an altered state of consciousness. You may still react to commands, but you won't remember the procedure and won't feel any pain. You may think you've been asleep the whole time! 

We offer conscious IV sedation because we've found that it's safer than general anesthesia and better for our patients because they can be roused quickly and can leave soon after their procedure is done, rather than waiting to wake fully to go home. We often have patients return to full consciousness after their procedure and say, "that's it?" We love hearing that our patients found their procedure so easy! 

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What are the benefits of Conscious IV Sedation?

Conscious IV sedation allows you to be relaxed and feel no pain during your procedure, yet it's often safer than general anesthesia. We can also wake you immediately after your procedure is finished. 

Reduced anxiety

Conscious IV sedation relaxes you completely. You may even think you're asleep, though you can be roused easily.

painless procedure

With conscious IV sedation, you are fully relaxed and should feel no pain during the procedure. 

safer than full anesthesia

Conscious IV sedation is safer because you can be roused quickly, compared to anesthesia which has to wear off.

faster recovery

Patients often come out of conscious IV sedation faster than anesthesia, but you may be groggy the rest of the day.

Common Questions About Conscious IV Sedation

Conscious IV sedation uses a combination of drugs administered intravenously that alter your state of consciousness. You end up very relaxed with little to no memory of the procedure and no pain. 

Whereas anesthesia puts you completely to sleep, conscious IV sedation simply puts you in an altered state of consciousness. You can still react to verbal prompts, and you can be returned to full consciousness very quickly, as opposed to waiting for the anesthesia to wear off before you can be awakened. 

We provide conscious IV sedation in a variety of procedures, and also for patients who may have excessive anxiety about their procedure. However, we will need to ensure you have no underlying conditions, such as heart conditions, and that you are not on certain medications. We will screen you for both prior to any procedure. 

Conscious IV sedation puts you into an altered state of consciousness. You won't remember your procedure and you will feel no pain, but you will be very relaxed and technically awake. You will be able to respond to verbal prompts. Once your procedure is done, we will be able to return you to full consciousness quickly. 

We have found conscious IV sedation to be safer than general anesthesia for most of our patients because we can rouse them faster than with general anesthesia. However, you will still be groggy the rest of the day, which is why we require you to have a ride home and someone to take care of you after your procedure. We cannot perform your procedure if you do not have someone to take you home. 

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Happy Patient Candid - NWA Endodontic Specialists - Bentonville, AR & Fayetteville, AR
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