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Revascularization in Bentonville, AR

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Repairing Your Teeth With Revascularization

Most people believe the only way to save a dying tooth is with a root canal. For some, there is an alternative — revascularization. This endodontic procedure on immature necrotic teeth uses a technique that restores blood flow to the tooth and saves the living tissue inside of it. 

Revascularization is a tricky technique, but the doctors at Northwest Arkansas Endodontic Specialists are experts and this procedure. We will evaluate you to see if your tooth is a good candidate for revascularization. If it is, we can use this technique to save your tooth! You don't have to lose a damaged tooth. Before deciding on an extraction, visit us and see what possibilities we can offer!

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What are the benefits of Revascularization?

Revascularization can restore a dead or dying tooth and eliminate the need for a root canal or an extraction. It can also strengthen your jaw and prevent deterioration around a dead root. 

No Root Canal

Revascularization can revive a tooth and prevent the need for a root canal. 

No extraction

Revascularization saves the tooth by keeping it alive and viable, thereby eliminating the need for a tooth extraction.

Strengthens jaw

The root of a dead tooth dies and shrivels, weakening the bone structure around it. Revascularization prevents this.

Saves your smile!

Revascularization brings the tooth root and pulp back to life, saving the tooth and your smile! 

Common Questions About Revascularization Treatment

Revascularization is the restoration of blood vessels and nerves to the inner portion of a tooth, bringing it back to life and saving the tooth from being pulled or needing a root canal. 

A small hole is drilled into the tooth and the dead portion is removed. A compound is put into the tooth to medicate it and stimulate healing. After a couple of weeks, the compound is removed and the root is made to bleed inside the root, which stimulates healing and restores the pulp of the tooth. 

Because the tooth is dead initially, there should be little to no pain. The tooth takes time to heal itself — on average, about 22 days. You should be able to eat and drink normally during that time. 

Yes! Revascularization is a safe treatment and is effective in a vast majority of cases. 

Make sure your teeth are cleaned thoroughly before coming to the office. If you are opting for full sedation, we recommend not eating or drinking at least 6 hours before coming in for your procedure. 

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Northwest Arkansas Endodontic Specialists Team Candids - Meet Our Team - Bentonville and Fayetteville, AR
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