Happy Root Canal Awareness Week!

It's the 11th annual root canal awareness week, and as always, we're celebrating by educating our patients!

As most things do, root canals have evolved over time. In fact, they've improved! Gone are the days of painful and grueling root canals! At Northwest Arkansas Endodontic Specialists, your comfort is our top priority.

Why should you see an endodontist for root canals?

  1. We're more experienced with root canal therapy. We've specialized in the internal care of your teeth!
  2. Endodontists are more efficient; we've studied extra and received specific treatment in performing root canals effectively.
  3. We may have more availability. Dentists do so much, and we do too! But when you see specialists, their service scope is more exact, meaning fewer overall cases and more time for precision.
  4. Since our specialty requires precision, we use advanced tools that let us visualize and prepare for your treatment.

Squashing The Stereotypes

Say it with us "Root canals don't cause pain. They relieve pain!" We'll take every opportunity to share that with anyone that will listen.

We're root canal specialists who provide quality care with compassion. When you visit NWA Endodontic Specialists, you'll get the best results. We save lives and smiles, one tooth at a time!

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