5 Tips Can Help Save Your Teeth After A Traumatic Injury

Many patients experience tooth damage as a result of traumatic injuries. Northwest Arkansas Endodontic Specialists is here for you when such injuries happen. We have treated many patients who have damaged their teeth through traumatic injuries, be they from sports, traffic accidents, or in-home injuries. There are ways we can prevent tooth loss from injury, but there are also ways you can help us. 

Here are a few tips on how to help save your teeth after a traumatic injury.

Dislodged Teeth

Traumatic injuries can dislodge teeth by either loosening them or pushing them up further into their sockets. This can lead to pain, jaw damage, and tooth damage that could eventually kill the tooth and lead to tooth loss. 

If your tooth is dislodged, there are things you can do to help. The first step is to contact your dentist or us right away. Let us know if the tooth is loose and in danger of falling out. If it’s painful, try using a cold compress until you can visit our office. 

The tooth may need a root canal to be saved. We can provide root canal therapy that can help save your tooth and restore your smile. We have multiple levels of sedation, so the procedure will be painless for you. With our minimally invasive techniques and expert skills, you’ll be back on the road to recovery before you know it! 

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Knocked-Out Teeth

If your tooth is completely knocked out, known as avulsed, it’s still possible to save it with quick action from you. The tooth needs to be kept moist in order to be saved. There are a couple of ways to do that.

If you can place the tooth back into the socket, do that right away before heading to your dentist or to our Fayetteville, AR, or Bentonville, AR, location. This will keep it moist and alive until we can help.

If you cannot get the tooth back into the socket, then keep it moist by putting it in milk. Bring it with you in the liquid when you visit our office. Your treatment from there will depend on how moist the tooth remains before you get to us. 

If you don’t have milk available, put your tooth in water with a pinch of salt. Plain water won’t work as well, but it can be used as a last result. 

Procedures to Save Children’s Teeth

When children injure their teeth, there are special procedures we can use to save their teeth and help them to keep their smile. At Northwest Arkansas Endodontic Specialists, we can repair your child’s tooth damage and get them back smiling again. 

Apexogenesis involves applying a special medication to your child’s tooth root, so it continues to develop while the damaged pulp (living inner tissue) heals. This allows your child’s tooth to develop normally, saving the tooth. 

Apexification involves removing the damaged pulp that won’t heal. We place medication into the tooth root to form a hard root tip. We then fill the root canal. The downside is the tooth will become susceptible to fracture if a root canal must be done while the tooth is still in development. The sooner the tooth is treated, the better the chances the tooth will survive. 

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Saving Your Teeth After Injury

Mouth injuries can do a lot of damage to teeth, but the right treatment in a timely manner can save your smile. Northwest Arkansas Endodontic Specialists has treated many emergency cases. We’ll bring our years of experience and exceptional skills to your case and do all we can to save your teeth and relieve you of worry and pain. If you’re in Northwest Arkansas and you’ve had a mouth injury, schedule an appointment to see us right away. 

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