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Why We Invest In Cutting-Edge Technology

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The Technology We Use

Advancing technology helps patients immensely. When it comes to a root canal, through our advanced Cone Beam CT scanner, we are able to see absolutely every detail of a patient's tooth. It’s incredibly helpful for us to know exactly what is about to happen. That means better results, less trauma to a patient's tooth, and less time in a dental chair. All things that immensely benefit our patients.

Our investment in technology allows us to be more accurate and preserve as much of your tooth as possible. That level of precision helps prevent future problems or even wasted procedures. It's about doing the best work as humanely as possible. 

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A few Of The Benefits of Our Technology

We acquire technology that offers more precision and accuracy, so you get the best treatment possible with the least amount of discomfort. Our technology will improve your treatment and get you back to your pain-free life faster than you expect!

More Precise Results

Our advanced technology delivers more precise scans and treatment, which delivers more precise results.

Less Invasive

Our scanning technology is less invasive than the old methods of goopy impressions and clunky x-ray machines.

Visual treatment plans

Our technology maps your treatment, so you'll be able to see the process and the end result before we even begin!

Easier Diagnoses

The precision delivered by our technology means you get a more accurate diagnosis, which means better results.

Extensive knowledge & experience

When the goal is to get someone out of pain and back to feeling like themselves, the doctors at Northwest Arkansas Endodontic Specialists believe that knowledge and experience allows them to do that as efficiently as possible. Come see what our exceptional skills can do for you! 

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