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Bone Grafting in Bentonville, AR

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Some patients lose their teeth and decide later they want to fill in those spaces with dental implants. In some cases, the bone is reabsorbed or breaks down and is not suitable to hold a dental implant. That means the patient isn't a good candidate to repair their smile with dental implants. 

We can change that with bone grafting. Bone from a donation bank or synthetic bone is attached and allowed to grow together with your bone to make a healthy jaw that can accept dental implants. That means we can help restore your smile! 

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What are the benefits of Bone Grafting?

Bone grafting can prevent tooth loss, or it can create a foundation for dental implants where teeth have already been lost. It can also rebuild jawbone worn down by dentures, partials, or other dental appliances. Bone grafting creates stronger bone to help restore your smile!

Helps Bone Heal Correctly

Bone grafting guides your natural bone to restore itself and become stronger. 

Prevents Infections

Bone grafting allows infected bone to be removed and provides a structure for healthy bone to grow.

Extremely Safe

Bone grafting is a tried-and-true procedure that can rebuild your jaw safely and effectively.

Better Dental Implants 

With bone grafting, you'll have a solid foundation, improving your chances of success with dental implants.

Common Questions About Bone Grafting

Bone grafting uses donated bone cells or synthetic cells to create a framework for your natural bone to grow around and fill in, creating a more solid jawbone and allowing for other dental repairs, such as dental implants.

Your bone may fill in the empty space naturally. However, there is a slight chance the bone could be reabsorbed or could become infected. In these cases, bone grafting may be necessary to restore the jaw.

Recovery times can vary. Your initial surgery recovery should take about two weeks. However, full jaw recovery and restoration could take anywhere from 3-9 months, depending on factors like the amount of grafting and the state of your bone health and overall health. 

You will likely feel some pain and discomfort for the first couple of weeks after bone-grafting surgery. After that, you won't feel pain, but your bone will still be in the process of repairing itself. You shouldn't expect further dental surgery for several months, if not a year, while your jawbone heals fully.

Bone grafting can take 30-90 minutes, depending on how much grafting is needed. On average, the procedure lasts about an hour.

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