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Common Endodontic Questions

Endodontist, Dr. Toole With Patient - NWA Endodontic Specialists - Bentonville and Fayetteville, AR

Extensive Knowledge & Experience

Our standards are incredibly high. We know that, as endodontists, the main way we serve our patients is to be incredibly good at what we do. Getting patients out of pain and back to feeling like themselves is a direct result of our experience, talent, and desire. 

You will visit with one of our three doctors, but you will have the knowledge and experience of all three by your side. We believe in peer reviews, working with each other and with your dentist or doctor to provide the best possible analysis and treatment options for you. The combination of knowledge, experience, technology, and skill means you can soon get on with your life pain free! 

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Common Questions About Endodontics

An endodontist can go beyond the capabilities of a general dentist to provide specialized treatment to save your teeth and preserve your smile. From bone grafts to dental implants, we can provide treatment that may include oral surgery. 

Most likely, you will have a dental referral to come see us. However, you don't have to have a referral! We happily accept walk-in patients. 

Your number of visits will depend on your treatment type and the extent of that treatment. Some services may require only one visit. Others may require one or more follow-up visits to complete the treatment. We will let you know on your first visit what you can expect. 

Yes! We know that some patients are more comfortable than others when it comes to getting dental treatment, so we offer several levels of sedation, from numbing injections to anesthesia. We will discuss what level is best for your during your first visit. 

Absolutely! We consult with your dentist on what treatment you need and what we will provide. We believe peer reviews are a big step in providing the exceptional treatment you deserve.

Post-treatment recovery depends on your procedure. In general, we recommend you have someone give you a ride home and stay with you throughout the day and night, especially after anesthesia. Do not attempt to drive yourself home or drive anywhere else. Stick with liquid or soft foods the first day or two. We might also prescribe prescription medication for the pain. Otherwise, we'll recommend you take over-the-counter painkillers as directed. 

We use a variety of cutting-edge technology to deliver precision results to our patients. From Cone Beam CT to laser technology to digital x-rays, we use the technology that will serve you best. 

We offer different levels of sedation to keep you from feeling any pain during treatment. You may experience discomfort after treatment, but we will recommend ways to alleviate that pain and may prescribe medication for you to use for the next few days while you heal.

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Endodontist Dr. Toole with patient - NWA Endodontic Specialists - Bentonville & Fayetteville, AR
Dr. Toole, Dr. Townsend, Dr. Behrents with team - Candids - NWA Endodontic Specialists

Exceptional Service & Compassion

We know people are often in pain when they visit us. We also know that the most compassionate thing we can do is get that patient out of pain as fast, accurately, and safely as possible. Being excellent at what we do is what the patient wants most. When the goal is to get someone out of pain and back to feeling like themselves, we believe that knowledge and experience allow us to do that as efficiently as possible.

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