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At Northwest Arkansas Endodontic Specialists, we take pride in partnering with area dentists and doctors to help relieve their patients' pain. We consider it an honor that you trust us with your patients, and we will do all we can to repair their dental issues and send them back to you in far better shape than before. 

To assist you in keeping up with your patient's progress, we offer this portal. You can submit a new or existing patient referral, check on their treatment plan, get status reports and final reports, check on your patient's prescriptions, and more! We believe collaboration and cooperation will give your patient the best treatment possible. 

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Our Resources For Referring Doctors

Submit a patient referral or check up on a patient you're referred through these portals. You can also read up on endodontics in our blog. 

Submit A Patient Referral. Visit this link to refer a new or existing patient. This portal also allows you to check your patient's appointments, get reports, see prescriptions, share any imaging, and more. 

Patient Referral Forms  ➜
Please call the office if you do not have a username or password yet or have lost your current one.

See our treatment plan for a patient you've referred. Get an overview of the treatment we have scheduled for the patient. Due to HIPAA laws, you will need the patient's name and a password to access this portion of the website.

Patient Treatment Plans ➜

Read the NWA Endodontic Specialists blog. Find out more about who we are, what we do, and what endodontic care means for you or your patients. We'll also introduce you to the team and deliver the latest news about Northwest Arkansas Endodontic Specialists.

Our Blog  ➜

Our Promise: Compassion, Precision, and Excellence

We hold ourselves to the standard that people in pain are rarely their best selves. When someone is in pain, they deserve compassion and understanding. That’s why service is so important. It’s all the little things that add up to prove that we care. We use technology that we know will benefit our patients the most, and we're constantly improving our skills with the latest techniques to make treatment better for our patients.

Our standards are incredibly high. We know that as endodontists, the primary way we serve our patients is to be incredibly good at what we do. Ultimately, getting patients out of pain and back to feeling like themselves is a direct result of our experience, talent, and desire.

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