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Repairing Your Smile With Teeth Splinting

What happens if you damage a tooth or knock a tooth loose? You may think that means you'll lose the teeth, but that may not be the case thanks to Northwest Arkansas Endodontic Specialists! How can we save loose or damaged teeth? We can use a procedure called teeth splinting that holds your teeth in place while they heal! 

We start by repairing your damaged teeth. Then, we tie your damaged teeth to nearby healthy ones to hold them in place while your teeth, gums, and bone around the roots heal. Once you're healed, we remove the splint so you can show off your saved teeth! 

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What are the benefits of Splinting Teeth?

Splinting teeth provides the time your mouth needs to heal properly, saving your teeth from falling out or closing spaces caused by loose or damaged teeth. Splinting teeth can help save your smile! 

Hold Teeth in Place

Teeth splinting can hold your teeth in place while the gums and bone heal, keeping you from losing your teeth!

assist in healing

Your damaged teeth need time to heal. Teeth splinting buys your teeth the time they need to heal properly.

Preserve your smile

Teeth splinting is a way to keep your natural teeth, rather than having to get dental implants or partial dentures. 

Peace of mind

With teeth splinting, you don't have to worry whether the next bite of food will result in losing your loose tooth! 

Common Questions About Teeth Splinting

Teeth splinting is a procedure that ties loose or damaged teeth to healthy teeth so they stay in place while the tooth, gums, and bone around the loose tooth heals, tightening the tooth and keeping it from falling out. 

There are various ways to perform teeth splinting, usually involving using a bonding agent that holds a wire in place to secure the teeth together. We will evaluate your case to determine the best technique for your dental needs. 

We will evaluate you with our top-quality technology to determine whether teeth splinting will work for you. In cases of injury, teeth splinting often works well. If your teeth are loose because of periodontal disease, it may not be as successful if your bone has deteriorated. 

It will take time for the bone around your tooth or teeth to heal, and you may be sore for a couple of days after the procedure, but you should be able to resume normal eating and drinking while wearing the splint. 

On average, teeth splints are worn for about 14 days. We will evaluate your case and let you know how long your splint will need to be in place. 

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Extensive knowledge & experience

Northwest Arkansas Endodontic Specialists offers the expertise of not one doctor,  but three doctors. Collaboration and compassion are key with us, because we know both will provide our patients with the best experience possible. You'll find both waiting for you in our Fayetteville, AR, and Bentonville, AR, locations!

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