Top Technology Helps Our Doctors Ease Your Dental Pain

Advancing technology helps patients immensely, which is why Northwest Arkansas Endodontic Specialists, formerly Behrents Endodontic Specialists, invests in leading technology. We know technology has improved our lives overall, but it has vastly improved dental procedures over the years by providing more precise images of dental issues. The more we know going in, the faster and better we can correct your dental problems. The more you know going in, the better you feel about your dental procedures. 

Precision Scanning Technology

When it comes to a root canal, we can see every detail of a patient's tooth through our advanced Cone Beam CT scanner. It's incredibly helpful for us as doctors to know exactly what is about to happen. That means better results, less trauma to a patient's tooth, and less time in a dental chair. All things that immensely benefit our patients.

Cone Beam scanners allow us to be more precise and accurate in our work. Sometimes it even saves patients from having to go through unnecessary procedures. Technology allows us to see what usually can't be seen. The Cone Beam CT produces a 3D image that allows us to be more precise and efficient. The beam measures to a 10th of a millimeter accurately, allowing incredible detail and precision.

That's the kind of technology we invest in: technology that saves our patients time, money, and potential headaches. 

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Better, Faster Treatment

With Cone Beam CT technology, we can create a three-dimensional road map of your tooth and plot the least-invasive method to repair any damage. Not only can we see things in a 3D field, but we can also show you the same images. This lets us explain in fine detail what you can expect from your procedure. Knowing what to expect relieves a lot of anxiety patients may feel about their impending procedures. It gives them relief to be able to see something personally rather than having to take someone's word for it. 

We strive for minimally invasive procedures. The less we have to disturb, the less painful it will be and the faster you will heal. We use technology to plot the fastest, best way to treat you and get out. It reduces procedure time as well as recovery time. 

Cone Beam CT technology also shows us when a procedure may not be necessary. Not every root canal case actually needs a root canal. There may be other procedures that will work better. That's what we determine, and we will explain it to you in detail.  

Using advanced technology allows us to make good treatment choices for our patients. We want to provide the best treatment choices for our patients, and technology combined with expertise and exceptional skills allows us to do just that. 

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