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We're Experts At Extractions 

We're in the business of saving teeth, but sometimes, it's necessary for a tooth or teeth to come out. Most people think tooth extraction can be a scary or painful process, but we work hard to ensure you are as comfortable as possible throughout the procedure.  

Northwest Arkansas Endodontic Specialists knows all about extractions, and we know our patients often come in anxious about the procedure. We provide compassionate care to patients, explaining the procedure so they know what to expect. We also provide several levels of sedation, from local numbing to general anesthesia. We will ensure your treatment is expertly done and as pain-free as possible.

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What are the benefits of Tooth Extractions ?

Tooth extractions may be necessary to replace damaged, dead, or dying teeth with partials, dentures, or dental implants. This way, patients get their smiles and their pain-free lives back.

Tooth Damage

Damaged teeth can cause bite problems and lead to infection, making it necessary to remove them.

Alleviate Pain

Damaged teeth can be painful and can lead to painful infections. Tooth removal can stop the pain. 

Improve Smile

A damaged tooth can detract from the rest of your smile. Removal and a dental implant can improve your smile.

Allow Implants

Tooth removal can make room for improvements with partial dentures or dental implants. 

Common Questions About Tooth Extractions

Your dentist may recommend a tooth be extracted. You also may know because the tooth is damaged or discolored and causes pain. Speak with your dentist or with us if you believe you have a tooth that needs to come out. 

We are trained not only in surgical removal and repair but also in sedation, so we can extract teeth with expert skill and without pain for our patients. We are highly skilled in tooth extraction and can do the procedure quickly and efficiently, getting you back to a pain-free life sooner than you may think!

It depends on how many teeth will be extracted and what type of sedation will be used. Tooth extraction can take as little as 20-40 minutes. However, if several teeth are extracted, or if full sedation is used, you can expect it to take around 90 minutes, which includes preparation, extraction, and anesthesia recovery.

If you have full sedation, you may be a bit groggy after your procedure. This is why we insist you have a driver take you home and have someone with you afterwards. You will likely have some pain and swelling the first couple of days after your extraction, but both should improve within a week or so. You can control the pain with over-the-counter medication, or we may prescribe a painkiller. 

It can, but it is a very delicate procedure because the tooth and root become brittle after a root canal. We can use our surgical skills to extract the tooth without damaging the bone, allowing for other procedures later, including dental implants. 

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Extensive knowledge & experience

At Northwest Arkansas Endodontic Specialists, you don't just have the expertise of one doctor — you have the expertise of three doctors. Collaboration and compassion are key with us, because we know both will provide our patients with the best experience possible. You'll find both waiting for you in our Fayetteville, AR, and Bentonville, AR, locations! 

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