Testimonials that make a difference:


We’ve had a couple sincere reviews this week we had to share:  Hopefully this can help relieve our other patients’ anxiety…

“You can expect to be highly recommended.  I have NEVER had such a great experience at the dentist as I did at your office, from front office girls to dental assistants to Dr. Nathaniel.  Thank you so much. P.S. I don’t even have a mark where the IV was.  Very happy today.” ~DB

“I experience A LOT of anxiety related to dental procedures, and I was extremely nervous about this appointment.  However, the staff and doctor did an excellent job making me feel as comfortable as possible.  Except for the pain as the anesthesia was wearing off (which I treated with 800mg of Advil per the doctor’s recommendation), I began to feel better almost immediately, and I feel even better today.  I also really appreciated the call this morning from one of your staff members checking up on me!  In all, it was a good experience, especially given my anxiety leading up to the appointment.” ~JC