EARTH DAY Needs to be Every Day!


For #earthday, we are sharing multiple ways that you can #green your office.  Some of these can be implemented at home to help take your eco-friendly lifestyle a step further.  Check it out and share with us the ways your office/home is already green.

Actions speak louder than words!

  • More Work with Less Energy
    • Optimize energy settings on computers/devices
    • Completely shut down devices at the end of the day
    • Use smart power strips to shut down trickle power
    • Unplug devices used occasionally
    • Turn off lights in areas not being used
    • Install air curtains on doors
  • Digitalize
    • Save as much paper as possible
    • Do more online, less printing
      • Review documents
      • Send emails instead of letters
      • Scan documents and send electronically
      • Online files instead of paper ones
      • Call unwanted magazines and be removed off mailing list
  • Don’t go Overboard with Paper
    • Use recycled paper
    • Recycle the paper you HAVE to use
    • Use dry erase boards or scratch paper for notes
    • Choose double-sided printing
    • Reuse packages, boxes and used shredded waste paper as packing material
  • Green your Transportation
    • Carpool, use public transportation, bike, walk or combo
    • Look into hybrid or electric vehicles, motorcycles or scooters
  • Green Clothing
    • Shop thrift store clothes instead of buying new
    • If you buy new, look for organic or recycled fabrics
    • Avoid those that need dry cleaned but if necessary, find a “green” dry cleaners
  • Work from Home
    • Use more texting, phone/video conferencing, web casts
    • Take online classes
    • Save about 20% of time and energy and cut back on vehicle pollution
    • Consider working four, ten hour days instead of five, eight hour ones
  • Use Green Materials
    • Use recycled/reusable instead of disposable
    • Use soy-based inks
    • Use refillable or biodegradable soaps
    • Buy in bulk to cut down on packing and shipping energy
    • Recycle your printer cartridges
    • Use toothbrushes with replaceable heads for less plastic destined for the landfill
  • Redesign the Workspace
    • Have easily accessible recycling bins
    • Post signs to encourage conservation
    • Recycled fabrics, incandescent bulbs, natural daylight (improves productivity and satisfaction)
    • Good ventilation and indoor plants help the air stay clean and keeps employee’s happy
  • Lunch Time
    • Use reusable containers, plates, utensils and napkins
    • If ordering out, join others for bigger/bulk orders
    • Walk or bike to lunch instead of driving
  • Get Others in on the Act
    • Share tips with others
    • Arrange carpools to events
    • Purchase fair trade/organic coffee for break room
    • Use custom reusable mugs/glasses from home
    • Bring your lunch from home
    • Turn off water when you are brushing your teeth
    • Encourage support and sustainability awareness
    • Install low flow faucets (can get from Source Gas free)
    • Put a brick in the toilet tank so save water
    • Install programmable thermostats
    • Use timers while on vacation
    • Use motion censored lighting when available
    • Purchase energy star rated appliances and computers

 At Behrents Endodontic Specialists, we have implemented many of these ways into our office, but we are always looking to become more efficient and implement more.

 The Chamber of Commerce has a greeNWAy certification that businesses can get by doing business the GREEN way.  See the link below if you are interested in learning more about this certification or to get other ideas on “greening” your office or home.

 “Be the Change That You Want to See in the World” ~Gandhi